To mark the 150th Anniversary of Christ Church, Kilmore, we have asked some past rectors to share a biographical sketch of their life, ministry, and memories at Kilmore & Inch to accompany our ‘wall of past rectors‘.

  • Biographical Sketch of Rev Leslie Stevenson:
  • Curate assistant – St. Mark’s, Dundela: 1983-87
  • Incumbent Kilmore and Inch: 1987-1992
  • Incumbent Donagahdee: 1992-1999
  • Incumbent Portarlington: 1992-present
  • Canon Meath and Kildare: 2009
  • Archdeacon of Meath and Kildare: 2009-present

I have served on many diocesan and central committees including for a time the Standing Committee and the Representative Church Body and General Synod. 

My ministry has been varied – from cities to seaside towns but mostly in rural Ireland both North and South. I have always felt the most important aspect of ministry is the pastoral, the interaction of priest and people. Getting to know people in their own homes is paramount. It is about building trust and relationships. 

I have many happy memories of Kilmore and Inch and of the challenges as well. Those memories are of the people who I found to be very supportive. I remember the activity in building the new hall at Inch from the agonising decision to undertake the project followed by the cost overrun! Then all the activity of raising money – from flower festivals to sheep dog trials to catering for those on trips to beautiful mid Down. 

I recall on my arrival in Kilmore being asked if I wanted to farm the glebeland as apparently was my right. Imagine asking a city boy such a question! There was relief when I said no, which meant the parish got an income when the land was rented. It led to discussion with the diocese which tried to get its hands on some of the income but the parish prevailed. 

But as I say it is the support and care I got as a young incumbent, who made many mistakes in my time in Kilmore and Inch, that I will be always thankful for. 

Leslie Stevenson

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